EVILFEAST “Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest”


Evilfeast’s classic debut album, re-released with original sound and artwork including lyrics.

“This feast of evil is not only a pleasingly grim delight, it also showcases the black metal of old in the most concisely appropriate manner!” (9/10 ViaOmega, US)
“Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest is darkly ambient, horrifyingly raw and dripping in despair.” (Gbhbl.com, UK)

“This album was a nice step and deserves the purchase of the listener.” (Zwaaremetalen, NL)

Country: Poland
Label: Eisenwald
Year: 2018
Genre: Black Metal

1. Ode to a Rising Fullmoon (Intro)
2. Immerse into Cold Mist
3. Thy Woods Are Sacred
4. Towards the Funeral Winternight Landscape
5. Solitude Apotheosis
6. Descending Winds of Holocaust
7. The Black Heavens Open
8. Morbid Rejoice
9. Desolate Fields Left (Outro)

You may listen HERE

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