GOATPENIS “Biochemterrorism”


Barbaric Black Grind War Metal insanity. Second Goatpenis full length from 2010. Reissue by Pagan War Records.

Country: Brazil
Label: Pagan War Distro Rex
Year: 2017
Genre:   Old School Black / Death

1. Once Blood Was Spilt  
2. Fatal Equinox (Perpetual Resplendence)  
3. The Pugnacious Force That Devours All Reason  
4. Perfect Prototype of an Apocalypse  
5.Death Emperor Rules Supreme
6. Frantic Fury (1.225° C.) (Abortion of the Macrocosm)  
7. The Future of Mankind Is Nuclear Breath  
8.Last Burial of the Human Race
9.Intraspecific Killing
10. Infinite Paths to the Land of Suicide  
11. Chaos Dominium

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