GOETIA “Enthroned Upon Dark Skies”


GOETIA come to creation in early frosts of 1996 when RevNT sought to form an extreme satanic metal act. Thanks to support of allied spirits from other Polish metal acts: Mittloff (ex. Hate), Bithorn (Slatus), Hellrizer (ex. Hate) GOETIA managed to progress with more and more blasphemous recordings.
“Enthroned Upon Dark Skies”  MCDR / demo 1998 is fast and brutal Black Metal that still contains a strong Death Metal influence, with occult lyrics.

Country: Poland
Label: Battle Hymn Productions
Year: 1999

1. Thy Kingdom Come (Intro)
2. Evil One
3. Thw Law (Intro)
4. Hawk-Headed God Enthroned
5. Dawn of Blackness (Intro)
6. Sworn to the Abyss
7. Voice of Void (Intro)
8. Black Magic (Slayer cover)
9. Thy Kingdom Came (Outro)

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