GORUGOTH “Gorugoth”


From the annals of metal history comes one of the most revered names in Japanese black metal: Gorugoth. Following in the time-honoured tradition of the classic Norwegian style, Gorugoth brings new elements into the mix in the form of a more guttural vocal approach and an entirely massive guitar sound. The black metal gods are smiling on you today by giving you a chance to buy a copy of such an obscure artifact of cult worship. Act now.

Country: Japan
Label: Zero Dimensional Records
Year: 2018
Genre: Black Metal

1. Revelation 12
2. Revelation 16
3. Coven
4. Burg Don
5. Spells 1
6. Spells 2
7. Spells 3
8. Spells 4
9. Spells 5
10. Unreleased song

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