GRANSKOG “Carpathian Outlaws – 15 Years of Bukowinian Pagan Madness” [digipak]


Raw, simple and primitive BM with furious vocals in the foreground.

Country: Ukraine
Label: Werewolf Promotion
Year: 2021
Genre: Pagan/Black Metal

1. Green and Black Seen as One (The First Leaves)
2. Unknown Woods Whisper My Name
3. AutumnStorm
4. Werewolf Archetype
5. Last Battalion
6. Alone (Goatmoon сover)
7. Ancient Invocation
8. Cosmic Verities
9. Thunder’s Hatchet
10. A Spectre from the Past
11. Azelsgard’s Wolves
12. Tchugaister’s Dance
13. Sun Is Setting over a Black Mountain
14. Cosmic Verities
15. Thunder’s Hatchet
16. Carpathian Windspirit (Fullmoon cover)
17. Werewolf Archetype (Raw Mix)
18. Last Battalion (Raw Mix)

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