HALSFANG “Vere Papa Mortuus Est”


Great True Black Metal project. Pure blasphemous rites against humanity and religious diseases. Purification by Death !
For Fans of Sargeist, Horna, Vargsang, Carpathian Forest, Mutiilation…
Balkor’s side solo project (MOURNING FOREST)
In transparent jewelcase CD with 8 pages booklet including lyrics.

Country: France
Label: Hass Weg Production
Year: 2013

1. Death’s Embrace
2. Morbid Path
3. The Annihilation Song
4. Vere Papa Mortuus Est
5. Duos Habet Et Bene Pendentes
6. I’m Glad You’re Dead
7. Yersinia Pestis
8. The Bloody Seal of Death
9. In a Pig’s Eye

You may listen HERE

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