HATE THEM ALL “Last Feast With The Beast”


After years of rotting in the basement, spitting rehs , demos and splits HATE THEM ALL recorded the full album .
Twelve shots aimed straight in the face all those who thought they knew what the fucking underground metal is.
“Last Feast With The Beast” is an uncompromising mix of black /
death / thrash , which is a tribute to the eternal gods of metal.
Rough, raw , dirty sound . Tar mixing blasphemy with obsession . 34 minute devils , honest , old-school underground metal.
The album released in a standard case in cooperation with Bestial Invasion Records and Moon Records.

Country: Poland
Label: Old Temple / Bestial Invasion / Moon Records
Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal

1. Śmierć
2. Fucking Whore
3. Krew
4. Thorn and Wind
5. Desire
6. Death to All
7. Open Graves
8. Beer and Fist
9. Destroyer of Bones
10. Victim of Death
11. Tak płonie w mojej głowie Świat
12. Strach

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