MARDUK “Panzer Division Marduk”

The long awaited reissue of the legendary Marduk album Panzer Division Marduk.
An album that dont need any presentation. Upon its release in 1999 it struck down upon the unsuspecting world bringing havoc and chaos.
An album that would take black metal to a new level. Intense, malevolent and bringing the war theme to a degree undreamed of.
The world would never be the same…
The album is now available remastered on CD with original artwork and layout.

Country: Sweden
Label: Osmose Productions
Year: 2021
Genre: Black Metal

1. Panzer Division Marduk
2. Baptism by Fire
3. Christraping Black Metal
4. Scorched Earth
5. Beast of Prey
6. Blooddawn
7. 502
8. Fistfucking God’s Planet

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