The second full-length album by Polish Progressive Black/Death Metal band.

“Into The Void” explores an idea of cosmic chaos and the terror of the unknown, leaning towards Lovecraftian themes.

Album retains the haunting melodic quality and genre’s diversity of the first record, while enhancing it with tighter and more rhythmical guitar lines, and heavy hitting drums. The two vocals, for which the band has become known for, are as aggressive as ever,
and – together with the brutal guitar-work – create a powerful mix, while pushing the listener further towards the precipice of madness!

Country: Poland
Label: Metal Scrap Records
Year: 2016
Genre: Death Metal

1. Lucid Void
2. Enjoy the Violence
3. Sundraft
4. Chaos Readings
5. Madness Utopia
6. Abandoned
7. Armin’s Hunger

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