Turn up the volume! Misantropical Painforest dares you to venture across cosmic
seas of dynamic range unheard of before.
A New Compass Point is sought and set and navigated towards through Struggle
Eternal where the Brightest Star incessantly shines and the Forest Dreams On in
the vastness of the limitless sky, drawing strength from the heaviness of the life-
spawning yet unforgiving earth, its magnetic North forcefully unsettled by the
intensity of this spectacular music and the relentless passion of its everdeep
5 songs of pure metal, the best thing since “Firm Grip of the Roots”!

Country: Finland
Label:  Descending Towards Damnation
Genre:  Black Metal
Year : 2018

1. Second Round
2. New Compass Point
3. Fires in the Night
4. Vesticular
5. World in the End of the Light

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