ODELEGGER “Where Dark Spirits Dwell”


Forged with hatred for a really long time with the same hostile manic sense of coldness! Odelegger returns after a whole decade since the debut album (The End of Tides – 2003, also on CD through Nykta), delivering once again and with the highest respect on the past straight forward raw, yet minimal desolate art! 3 bonus tracks added exclusively on this CD version, nearly an hour of uncompromising Teutonic anger & rage!

Country: Germany
Label: Nykta Records
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2019

1. Animosity
2. Instinct
3. Animal
4. Circle of Oaks
5. Where Dark Spirits Dwell
6. Lost in Time and Memories
7. The Dark Tide
8. Under the Bloodred Sky
9. Knife in My Hand
10. Entering the Realm of Madness
11. Dressed in White
12. Age of Steel
13. Heaven Ablaze
14. Covered by Snow and Ice
15. From a World Beyond
16. Depravation
17. As the Forest Whispers
18. Eclipse

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