PROFANUM “Musaeum Esotericum”


‘Musaeum Esotericum’ is even darker and even more obscure than their former album ‘Profanum Aeternum…’. Majestic, Infernal Ambient Symphony – something yet unheard. Very original, avant-garde ideas of the musicians resulted in dark and misanthropic combination of classical music with obscure Occult Ambient. This definately is not for everyone ears, love it or hate it….Great, esoteric 24 page booklet to fulfill the magic of music.

Country: Poland
Label: Pagan Records
Year: 2001
Genre: Dark Ambient/Classical/Black Metal

1. Ecce Deliquium Lunae: Atri Misanthropiae Floris
2. Ecce Axis Mundi: Ars Magna et Ultima

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