REVOLTING “Visages Of The Unspeakable”


With today’s modern horror sucking beyond redemption and death metal being plagued by rap, emo, and fake boring “brutality”, Revolting felt it was time to do a truly PURE and ugly, rotting, putrid Death Metal band for the love of it and to get back to the basics of what all of this madness is about anyway! The spirit of real Death Metal is alive and well, and REVOLTING is keeping the gory tradition going.

Country: Sweden
Label: F.D.A. Records
Year: 2015
Genre: Death Metal

1. Shunned to the Shadows
2. The Whispers of the Hanged
3. Fathoms unto Forever
4. Dagger Clawed Chaos
5. Bloodkurdle
6. Severed and Blessed
7. Riddled with Worms
8. Caverns of Ancient Evil

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