SORGELDOM “…from Outer Intelligences”


Atmospheric Post-Black Metal album with influences from Ved Buens Ende, Isengard and certain shoegaze elements. Brilliant melodic raging Black Metal collides with strange cosmic atmosphere of coldness and obscurity. Sorgeldom features members from Lik, Whirling, Kaos Sacramentum and  Bergraven.

Country: Sweden
Label: Frostscald Records
Year: 2011
Genre: Black Metal

1. A Voice in Orbit
2. Utesluten från universums koreografi
3. Through Dust into Lostness
4. Mannen vid stugan
5. Hänförd av tvångshandlingens synagoga
6. Tragedin skräddarsydde mitt hjärtas ömma sömmar
7. …from Outer Intelligences
8. To Where Your Tracks End
9. Kontakt

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