Svederna presents ‘Härd’, their latest album consisting of ten blistering tracks of supreme black metal performed with their fierce blend of raw aggression and strong melodies. As always, the almighty riff is the main focal point, each one exceeded by the next one creating an overwhelming metal meltdown. The album title, translated to English as ‘Hearth’, symbolically stands for a sacred place where everything melts and only the truth remains.

Country: Sweden
Label: Carnal Records
Year: 2020
Genre: Black Metal

1. Den arkaiska rötan
2. Folkets blod
3. Skuld och vita knogar
4. Förtigen
5. Niðr
6. Tempelhärd
7. Sanndrömmar om evigt lidande
8. Urkvedsljuset
9. Varsel
10. Androm till skräck och varnagel

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