TRUP “Krew Diabła”


8 tracks of pure, Satanic malevolance
crowned with the cover of mighty ,,KAT”
8 sharpened spears piercing the heart of redeemer
invoking the spirit of old, obscure and evil metal.
43 minutes of bestial onslaught in the vein of old masters
like Bathory, Samael, Morbid Angel, Hellhammer and more.
For those seeking dangerous, obscene, and blasphemous
follow the howl of the devil in the night!
Sing the psalms of horned abomination!
Witness the coming of true horror that is
Krew Diabła!
If you are  looking for something fresh, progresive, innovative and grounbreaking
in metal music,
you can go fuck yourself and swing from the tree, for all that we care.

Country: Poland
Label: Dark Omens Production
Year: 2019
Genre: Necro Fucking Metal

1. Krew Diabła
2. Rytualny Mord Niemego boga
3. Krypta Szatana
4. Teufelberg
5. Agonia
6. Przed Końca Bramą
7. Blask W Oczach Szczura
8. Powrót Umarłych
9. Płaszcz Skrytobójcy (KAT Cover)

You may listen HERE