UNCOFFINED “Ceremonies of Morbidity”


Featuring members of such past and current acts as Morstice, Blessed Realm and Winds Of Genocide, U.K.´s Uncoffined are a morbid musical entity influenced by old school Death/Doom Metal, traditional Doom Metal, nihilistic and misanthropic Sludge, old stinking graveyards that reek of death, old Hammer horror/low budget/zombie movies, the occult and clandestine satanic rituals. This, their sophomore full-length album,
is the aural equivalent of a dark haunting sinister figure lurking amongst the shadows and graves of an overgrown old graveyard that no one dares to enter at night.

Country: United Kingdom
Label: Memento Mori
Year: 2016
Genre: Death/Doom Metal

1.The Horrors of Highgate
2.Plague of the Uncoffined
3.Ceremonies of Morbidity
4.Ill Omens of Death and Disease
5.Awakened from Their Dormant Slumber

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