ABYTHIC “Beneath Ancient Portals”

Beneath Ancient Portals often recalls the proud ‘n’ powerful class of mid-period Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Grave, and Pentacle, so hypnotically heaving is their dreadnought weight here. But in other ways, ABYTHIC put their own stamp on doomy death metal through a potently occult aura…or one that sounds like a crypt slowly opening, all before a rust- and blood-covered tank rolls forward out of it, crushing all in its path. It’s simply mesmerizing either way.

Completed by absolutely devastating production, Beneath Ancient Portals will surely be hailed as one of the year’s best and mightiest death metal debuts. Old school, new school, no school: nothing matters but sheer devastating weight, and ABYTHIC possess a fuckton of it.
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Country: Germany
Label: Blood Harvest
Year: 2018
Genre: Death Metal
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1.Prelude to Obscurity
2.Purulent Phantasm
3.Abandoned Tombs on Ungodly Grounds
4.Beneath Ancient Portals (The Gate of Ganzir)
5.Redemption Through Soul Transfusion
6.T.H.O.N. (Darkthrone cover)
7.Afterwards Behind Beyond
8.Depths of Oblivion

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