AZARATH “Diabolic Impious Evil”


The third assault of the most extreme Polish TRUE Death Metal force. Honest and brutal manifesto of sonic wildness and unbelievable power. Brutal and sinister guitar riffs sets the pace for the double bass blasting intensity chaos by Inferno from Behemoth fame himself! The essence of Satanic Death Metal. Listen or die!!!

Country: Poland
Genre: Death/Black Metal
Label: Pagan Records
Year: 2006

1. Whip the Whore
2. Baptized in Sperm of the Antichrist
3. Devil’s Stigmata
4. Anti-Human, Anti-God
5. For Satan My Blood
6. Screamin’ Legions Death Metal
7. Intoxicated by Goat Vomit
8. Angels’ Assassins
9. Beast Inside
10.Goathorned’s Revenge

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