BLOOD STRONGHOLD “From Sepulchral Remains…”


The wolves return! Offering their debut full-length album summoning 8 nocturnal hymns of medieval Black Metal for those with the darkness of war in heart! Adrift to a higher plane of atmosphere than their previous strikes,
‘From Sepulchral Remains…’ is the black dagger of night, The great darkness, Ever-creeping…

‘The firmament, Cleaved and torn by wolven talons
Eclipse! The wolf, Devouring the sun & moon
Drowning the earth in darkness; Endless…’

Country: Poland / Australia
Label: Witches Sabbath / Werewolf Promotion
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2016

1. Eternal Wrath of Dark Gods
2. Ancient Mystery of the Moon
3. Stronghold of Forgotten Blood
4. From Sepulchral Remains…
5. Lost upon the Nameless Wind (Sign of the Forgotten Dawn)
6. To Distant Shores Aflame
7. Fortress of Nightly Desolation
8. The Spirit, Devoured by the Cold Soil of the Earth

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