CHAPEL OF DISEASE “The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art”


The long awaited second album is walking the path of putrefaction and soon ready to crawl into your mind.

The debut album „Summoning Black Gods“ from 2012 has built itself a monument in the scene as a ever flowing death metal milestone.

Götz Kühnemund (Deaf Forever/ex-Rock Hard) wrote in early 2013 about them: „Together with SULPHUR AEON and VENENUM they belongs to the top 3 Death Metal newcomer bands from Germany.

Country: Germany
Label: F.D.A. Records
Year: 2015
Genre: Death Metal

1. The Mysterious Ways…
2. The Dreaming of the Flame
3. Masquerade in Red
4. Lord of All Death (Between the Rim and Pegana)
5. Symbolic Realms
6. Life Is but a Burning Being
7. …of Repetitive Art

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