COFFIN MULCH “Spectral Intercession”


Coffin Mulch to play old school, heavy and pounding Death Metal influenced by late 80´s / early 90´s gods like Entombed, Autopsy, Massacre, Death and Bolt Thrower. They´re all punks at heart, though, and the DIY ethic and aesthetic is just as important to them as the tunes. And “tunes” they indeed have across their full-length debut, “Spectral Intercession”. With gutted tones just on the right side of raw and a horrifying intro to set the scene, Coffin Mulch lurch and crunch forward with ominous intent. Each of the album´s eight tracks offers ample proof of the potency of traditional, turn-of-the-90´s Death Metal, especially so, when it´s done with this much passion and intensity. Indeed, no matter the tempo employed (and quite often, the band stick to a headbanging gallop), Coffin Mulch make you feel every mangled riff, every ragged drum-hit, every tortured tonsil… The songwriting may be simple, but it´s not simplistic, and it´s their execution that truly puts over “Spectral Intercession”.

Country: United Kingdom
Label: Memento Mori
Year: 2023
Genre: Death Metal

1. Spectral Intercession
2. Into the Blood
3. Mental Suicide
4. In the Grip of Death
5. Fall of Gaia
6. Gateway to the Unseen
7. Infernal Mass
8. Eternal Enslavement

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