COSMIC CHURCH “Vigilia” [digipak]


One of the most obscure names in Finnish Black Metal, with a short but intense trajectory. With an atmosphere that darkens to the point where despair overflows, expressing deep sadness and burning anger. “Vigilia” is an album that reaches perfection in many ways, from its cold and cutting ambiance to the way it knew how to use a keyboard or even guitar solos, without being able to change the direction of its music.
A must for fans of Woods of Desolation, Noenum, Antimateria, Havukruunu…
Awesome black metal art. Highly recommended.
Re-press 2019!

Country: Finland
Label: Kuunpalvelu
Year: 2019
Genre: Black Metal

1. Vigilia – I
2. Vigilia – II
3. Vigilia – III
4. Vigilia – IV

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