DARK AGES “The Tractatus De Hereticis Et Sortilegiis”


A most certain strange and true discovery of blackest blasphemies, nighttime rituals and terrible crimes against our mother church. New dark ambient masterpiece from a frontman of DRUDKH and HATE FOREST. With this third album Dark Ages has lifted their dark art to the new level. CD comes with 12 pages booklet.

Country: Ukraine
Label: Primitive Reaction
Year: 2011
Genre: Dark Ambient

1. Envoys of Thy Divine Light
2. Pandemonium
3. Hexenhaus
4. Theatrum Crudelitatum
5. Compendium Maleficarum
6. Disquisitionum Magicarum
7. Sigillum Diaboli
8. Flagellum Haereticorum Fascinariorum
9. Kingdom of Purity and Mercy

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