DARK OPERA “The Journey To The Both Paths of Life, Sins And Resurrection”


For the first time on CD two materials of legendary DARK OPERA band: album “Calling The Legend” from 1994 and demo “The Day Of Pariah” from 1992. After a long search of appropriate materials, drudgery at ripping from tapes, without interference in sound with the special atmosphere of that time we receive music that brings us into the ancient, raw, dark beginnings of the 90s. “The Journey to the Both Paths of Life, Sins and Resurection” is over an hour of Death / Black / Doom metal. Booklet contains texts and unique photos,
clippings from zines with interviews, information about the band.

Country: Poland
Label: Old Temple
Year: 2019
Genre: Death/Doom Metal

1. Koyanis Quatsi (From the Hopi Prophecies)
2. To the Ashes
3. The Road to Shallah
4. The Fall
5. Farthest Shore
6. The Key to Unknown + The End of Crimson
7. Calling the Legend
8. Sins of Thunder
9. The Darkest Stone
10. Throne of Tears
11. The Day of Pariah
12. Jonas Last Escape
13. The Song of Sadness
14. The First Infinite Words
15. Traveller in Time

You may listen HERE

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