Domgård’s latest release, ‘Rót’, is a masterful blend of black metal and folk influences that transport listeners to a dark and mystical realm. The album is a sonic journey through ancient forests and forgotten rituals, guided by haunting melodies and ferocious riffs. Domgård’s signature sound, characterized by raw aggression and atmospheric layers, is elevated to new heights on ‘Rót’. The band’s lyrical themes of Norse mythology and occultism add an intriguing depth to the intense musical experience. With this album, Domgård proves themselves as one of the most captivating and innovative acts in the black metal scene.

Country: Sweden
Label: Carnal Records
Year: 2019
Genre: Black Metal

1. Vid elden
2. Trollfader djävulen
3. Bergelmirs blod
4. När löven faller, faller ni alla
5. Sejdmannens drömmar
6. Rót
7. Lokabrenna
8. Múspellsheimr
9. Vígríðr
10. Ginreidh

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