FILTHEATER “Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction”​


Raw and eldritch is their Death Metal, with no “modern” seasonings/neuterings: simply, lurch and crunch with palpitating plunges into blastbeaten speed. Death Metal for Death Metal maniacs, no more but certainly no less. Prepare to be crushed under the weight of filthy and dismal Mississippi Death Metal!
With fittingly foul cover art by Mörtuus and disgusting mastering by Dan Lowndes, Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction is guaranteed to live up to its title, and then some!

Country: United States
Label: Memento Mori
Year: 2019
Genre: Death Metal

1.Malevolent Transcendence
2.Faceless Caverns
3.A Veiled Loathing Throne
4.Monologues of Reverance
5.Swallowed at Dust
6.Vapors of Human Sacrifice
7.Unwelcome Illuminated Curiousity
8.Amorphous Bulging Appendages
9.Chalice Made of Bone

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