GASMASK/BLACK CUM “Verses of Insults”


Raw, old school and aggressive Black Metal from Finland.
With (ex) members of Aske, Norns and Urn. The CD contains the Songs from their Split Tape and also new unreleased stuff from both Bands.
Limited to 300 copies.

Country: Finland
Label: Astral Nightmare Productions
Year: 2021
Genre: Black Metal

1. GASMASK-Demon Core
2. GASMASK-Destroyer
4. GASMASK-Culprit On The Pulpit
5. GASMASK-Suicidal Saviour
6. GASMASK-Endless Darkness
7. GASMASK-Broken Dissident
8. BLACK CUM-Intro (Call Of The Spirits)
9. BLACK CUM-Black Feast Of Baphomet
10. BLACK CUM-Venom Of The Black Gods
11. BLACK CUM-Pleasures Of Holy Bitch
12. BLACK CUM-Raped By The Goat


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