GRAVE DESECRATOR dole out brutal music for the raw and the hooked. Their third album ‘Dust To Lust’ keeps essentially true to the spirit of metal made in Brazil. This is the anger born in the face of favelas, police violence, narco lords, rampant political corruption, and a daily struggle to stay alive or even rise above against all odds. Following the extreme path of their Brazilian predecessors, GRAVE DESECRATOR are true torch bearers of the underground and firmly place themselves among the ranks of entities such as SARCÓFAGO, early SEPULTURA, and MUTILATOR.

Country: Brazil
Label: Season of Mist
Year: 2016
Genre: Death/Black Metal

1. Intro (Dust to Lust)
2. Temple of Abominations
3. Funeral Mist
4. Gods of Death
5. A Witching Whore
6. Host Desecration
7. Anathema Bloodlust
8. Bleed for Worship
9. Memento Mori
10. One More Soul
11. Mephistophallus in Occultopussy
12. Perpetual Oath

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