Two Black Metal bands from Portugal featuring members of Summon and Necrobode.

Grim and miserable black metal brewed in the darkest dungeons of the underground, reverent of the ancient ways but by no means tethered to the past. References to be made include the French Black Legions and of course the Portuguese Black Circle, but also raw Finnish black metal from the past couple decades, such is GRAVES’ emphasis on hypnotic, lashing melody.


Country: Portugal
Label: Putrid Cult
Year: 2019
Genre: Black Metal

1. Graves – Imundo O Mundo
2. Graves – Sagrado Pecado
3. Graves – Sem Vida Viberas
4. Graves – Enferno Eterno
5. Graves – Crescente Agonia
6. Grave of God – Order of the Blood Eclipse
7. Grave of God – Grail of Divinity
8. Grave of God – Concilium
9. Grave of God – Summoning the Baptism

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