GRAVES “Liturgia da Blasfemia”


GRAVES’ sound is grim and miserable black metal brewed in the darkest dungeons of the underground, reverent of the ancient ways but by no means tethered to the past. References to be made include the French Black Legions and of course the Portuguese Black Circle, but also raw Finnish black metal from the past couple decades, such is GRAVES’ emphasis on hypnotic, lashing melody. And compared to the demo’s more antisocial sound, here on Liturgia da Blasfemia do the power-trio reveal a considerably more feral physicality, no less ribald in its trance-inducing recesses but perhaps more apt to rise up from those depths and lash the listener with utmost cruelty. Similarly, the band utilizing their native tongue almost exclusively here lends an eerier, more otherworldly aspect.

Country: Portugal
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Year: 2019
Genre: Black Metal

1. Do Demiurge… Ultraje de Viver
2. I Am Fire I Am Death
3. Sangrando em Golgota
4. Sangrando em Golgota… Parte 2
5. Impregnado p’ la Foice
6. Do teu Ventre a Maldade Saiu
7. Minha Alma Imolei em Golgota
8. Graves Hold Your Name
9. Via Dolorosa até Golgota

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