GRÓGALDR “Grógaldr”


Grógaldr represents the new face of North American Black Metal, better known as USBM, the band gained notoriety after the split with Sanguine Relic, but it is in this self-titled compilation that brings together their demos Malignant Channelings and Deviant Masque of the Wrath that we can notice all Grógaldr’s rustic fury. Cold, sharp riffs create a dark, dense ambience, coupled with the howls of Bringer of Obsidian Death, also known as another infamous Obsidian Grave entity.
Necromancy, blasphemy and self-harm are part of Grógaldr’s music, essential for fans of Sanguine Relic, Kommodus, Drowning the Light… if you don’t know these bands, stay away from it!

Tracks 2-4 from Demo I: Malignant Channelings (2019).
Track 1 and tracks 5-7 from Demo II: Deviant Masque of the Wraith (2019).
Tracks 8-10 from Disinterred Graves of Saints (2020).

Country: United States
Label: Humanity’s Plague Productions
Year: 2020
Genre: Black Metal

1. Void Wanderings
2. Raped Flesh Below the Tomb
3. Malignant Channelings
4. Black Granite Ruin
5. Festering Passage Beyond
6. Masque
7. Bubonic Shrines
8. Poisoning the Temple
9. The Carrion Cross
10. Crescent Moon Libations

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