HATS BARN “Primitive Humans Desecration”


French black metal terrorism in the vein of the Black Circle (Vlad Tepes, Torgeist, Belketre, Mutillation)…..raw,ugly and intolerant. A weapon commited to the annihilation of humanity.

Country: France
Label: Humanity’s Plague Productions
Year: 2010
Genre: Black Metal

1. Mon intime suicide
2. Euthanasia
3. Silence’s Way
4. Bestial Fucking Die
5. Primitive Humans Desecration
6. Under the Sign of Black Messiah
7. Suprême misanthropie
8. Terrorist Black Metal
9. The Divine Blood
10. Agonie, l’envol de mon âme
11. Veni Vidi Vici
12. Terre de sang
13. Asylum Abortion

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