HURUSOMA “Sombre Iconoclasm”


Hurusoma is Legend / Cult Black Metal from Japan.
“Sombre Iconoclasm” is the Mystery Metal Sound phenomenon which is being heard more than Hell. All Past Music are Recorded. and added the Bonus Truck “BURZUM – War”.

Country: Japan
Label: Zero Dimensional Records
Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal

1. Intro
2. Shade of Soul
3. The Call of Wood
4. Furi
5. Grudge (from the Black Forest)
6. Darkness and Evil (Sabbat cover)
7. Storm
8. I See the Lonely January Sun Arise
9. Thunderbolt
10. Open My Black Grave (trendkill version)
11. Sombre Metal
12. Senpoku Kanpoku
13. The Shadow
14. Storm (live)
15. War (Burzum cover)

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