IDOLATRY “In Nomine Mortis”


Coming out of the Canadian black metal scene is Idolatry with their newest full length in Nomine Mortis.The new release contains a very well written and performed intro and nine tracks of harsh yet well performed black metal intensity.The music is a mix of fast and crazed blackend metal but the band does perform some more structured mid paced patterns entertwined into the music.The vocals are a mix of raw black metal screams and some gruff growls and hollering are used in a few of the songs.The guitar work is done with both extremely fast and chaotic guitar patterns but do slow to a more calm guitar passages.

Country: Canada
Label: Humanity’s Plague Productions
Year: 2019
Genre: Black Metal

1. Ex Nihilio
2. Toward the Widening Eye
3. The Calling Void
4. Hail, Death
5. Reborn in Poison
6. Revelations in Black
7. Breathing Dust
8. Hidden; Quivering
9. The Serpentine Possession
10. Nihil Fit

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