IMPENETRABLE DARKNESS “Loyalty in Blackness”


Devil worship black metal from Greece. For fans of Ofermod, Watain, Heresi.
Hailing to both northern masters of churchburning and ancient hellenic gods of blasphemy from cult greek BM hordes.
Debut album, reissued by Morbid Chapel & Total War!

Country: Greece
Label: Morbid Chapel Records / Total War
Year: 2018
Genre:  Black Metal

1. Into the Semi Demons of Karnak
2. Decoy of Light
3. With Sigils I Touch the Borders of Evil
4. Dark Harmonies and Structures of Liturgy
5. Tasks of Blackness
6. Overtaking Negation
7. Praying for the Figure Until the End
8. Incoming Sins

You may listen HERE

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