INFAMOVS “Under the Seals of Death​”


Debut full-length album. Drawing their lyrical and conceptual inspiration from the occult, ancient deities, indigenous culture and history, INFAMOVS pay homage to the deeds and knowledge of yesteryear through a brand of Death Metal that’s heinous,
ruthless, sullen and primitive, influenced by acts such as Incantation, Dominus Xul, Dead Congregation, Imprecation, Sadistic Intent, early Deicide and early Morbid Angel, etc.

Country: Chile
Label: Memento Mori
Year: 2017
Genre: Death Metal

1.Into the Death
2.Dawn of the Black Dance
3.Call upon Blasphemovs
4.Impure Plagiarisms
5.God of Pestilence
6.Of Force and Plague
8.Serpent of Sin

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