Long awaited 3rd studio album of INFERNAL WAR!

“Axiom” was recorded, mixed and mastered in No Solace Studio with M. (Mgła/Kriegsmaschine). The album cover was created by Mentalporn. The 11 new songs on “Axiom” clock in at around 42 minutes.

On the new material, the band commented: “Axiom is the essence of Infernal War. At the same time, it’s not a copy of our previous works. The new material is more mature, diversified and bloody uncompromising. It’s very grim, both musically and lyrically. We have no doubt, that Axiom is our crowning achievement”.

Country: Poland
Label: Agonia Records
Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal

1. Coronation
2. Militant Hate Church
3. Into Dead Soil
4. Paradygmat
5. Nihil Prayer
6. The Parallel Darkness
7. Transfigure
8. Eater of Hope
9. Camp 22
10. No Forgiveness
11. Axiom

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