KANONENFIEBER “Menschenmühle”


This album is intended to commemorate the countless victims of World War I.

Men were thrown into a differing reality where only survival would count. Death, fear and hunger as a steady companion in the waist-deep trenches filled with mud. One order transferred people into cannon fodder in the human mill – World War I.

The lyrical background of “Menschenmühle” is based on factual reports, letters and other documents from the surviving and deceased soldiers.

Country: Germany
Label: Noisebringer Records
Year: 2021
Genre: Black Metal

1. Die Feuertaufe
2. Dicke Bertha
3. Die Schlacht bei Tannenberg
4. Der letzte Flug
5. Grabenlieder
6. Grabenkampf
7. Ins Niemandsland
8. Unterstandsangst
9. Verscharrt und ungerühmt

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