Finally on CD, the second attack of the sado black cyber punk addicts !
Now featuring real drums, they go further in the organic sleaze… feel the cumshot… and 2 cover tracks of GG Allin and Guns n’ fucking Roses !!!

Country: Luxembourg
Label: Bestial Invasion Records
Year: 2010
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal

1. Jodienda Puta
2. Smmer Cock Tale
3. Hell.Fire.Sex
4. Meat Injection
5. Hole Sweet Hole
6. Hard Candy Cock (GG Allin cover)
7. Pagan Asshole 02:37
8. Bloody Knucles + Broken Bones
9. You Ain’t the First (Guns N’ Roses cover)
10. Menophiliac

You may listen HERE

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