KVASIR’S BLOOD “The Eternal Return”


Having released couple of EP releases since “Triumph of the Will” album, Kvasir’s Blood finally returns with their 3rd full-length. Continuing on their path to glory and final victory, Kvasir Ravenwing and Pogrom hammer forth a new strong album of triumphant Vinlandic Black Metal.

Worlds of men crumple and eventually turn to dust, but strong ideals will never die and will always remain.

Country: United States
Label: Breath of Pestilence
Year: 2022
Genre: Black Metal


1. Glory to the Fallen
2. Vinland Awake
3. Volkhammer
4. Reclamation of a Lost Kingdom
5. Lords of Vinland
6. Behind Enemy Lines
7. Wotan’s Command
8. M K

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