ARKTOGÄA “Æra Yersinia Pestis Spiritvs”


The era of spiritual Black Death is upon us.
After a strong debut demo titled “Blood for Wotan” Breath of Pestilence unleashes the first
full-lenght album of Arktogäa. Hyperborean Black Metal in which martial industrial passages
and even echoes of RAC are also present.

Country: Italy
Label: Breath of Pestilence
Year: 2017
Genre: Black Metal

1. Light of the Black Sun (Prelude)
2. Strenght and Anger
3. Ablaze Fyrfos Awakes
4. Hordes of Ansuzgarda
5. Unter dem Hakenkreuz
6. Towards a New Dawn (Interlude)
7. Hymn to Þuntaz – Invoking Upheaval
8. Tearing Down the Kingdom of YHWH
9. Werawulfaz
10. Imposing the Inexorable
11. È l’ora di marciar
12. We Hail His Return (Epilogue)

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