ASKE ”Goatfuck/Saatan Legio” [digipak]


ASKE remains one of the oldest still active Finnish Black Metal bands, formed already in 1991. CD includes the debut demo Goatfuck from 1997 and the second demo Saatan Legio from 1998. All audio has been remastered by Harald Mentor without diminishing the rawness of the original recordings. Pure satanic Finnish Black Metal!

Country: Finland
Label: Breath of Pestilence
Year: 2023
Genre: Black Metal

1. Silver Moon
2. The Truth…
3. Black Mass
4. The Goat
5. Nocturnal Thought
Saatan Legio
6. Blood, Semen And Fire
7. Crushing The Throne Of Impotent
8. Magic From The Past
9. The Countess

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