LACK OF TRUTH “Under the Torn Flesh”


Massive debut from Russia. 10 tracks of pure blasting brutal death metal. Inhuman voice, insane & killer riffs, groovy bass and infinite blast-beat. Huge gift for maniacs of DISAVOWED, DEFEATED SANITY and INHERIT DISEASE. Amazing artwork by Regurgitated Arts.

Country: Russia
Label: Death Metal Industry
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year : 2013

1. Intro
2. Train of Cadavers
3. Under the Torn Flesh
4. Vengeance of Cruel Beings
5. Graveyard of Fools
6. Shiteating Vomitorium
7. Zombielands
8. Agony of Radiation Sickness
9. Lack of Truth
10. Outro

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