MARHOTH “W imieniu Marhoth…”


Old band from Poland formed in 1992 and split up in 1998 after two demos and one split with North and Grom always from Poland with ex-members of Sacrilegium and Christ Agony.

This is a compilation with the two demos out in 1995/1996 “Wolfmoon” and “Szkarlatna kropla rosy”.
Marhoth experiments with open phrases, swirling guitar distortion, and broken drumming. The vocals are very hoarse sounding and creepy. They really try to create atmosphere with wind chimes and layered almost goth guitar, though the rhythm section is heavy and strong when it needs to be. Old style pagan black metal for fans of band like Graveland, North, Sacrilegium.

Country: Poland
Label: Eastside / Witches Sabbath
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2015

1. …and My Hand Won’t Shudder
2. Wanderer
3. …the Night That Is…
4. Wilczy księżyc
5. Mgła nad bagnami
6. Korona Marhoth
7. W imieniu Marhoth…
8. Diabelski dom (Kat cover)

You may listen HERE

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