PAGAN TEMPLE “The Warriors of Black Circles”


One ot the most famous TTF bands now first time re-issued on CD!
Contains 20 pages booklet with a lot of photos, lyrycs and other archive stuff.

On the disc you will find:
1-3: “…and the Angels Weep” demo’93.
4-8: “Fullmoon” demo’95.
9-11: Instrumental Reh’92

Country: Poland
Label: Eastside / Witches Sabbath / Lower Silesian Stronghold
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2017

1. Shadow of the Moonlight
2. …and the Angels Weep
3. Everlasting Gods Return
4. Intro (Fullmoon)
5. Scream from Gloomy Forest
6. Wood of Forget
7. The Warriors of Black Circles
8. Outro
9. And Witch Will Burn
10. The Gathering

You may listen HERE

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