When plague and cholera unite on a French Black Metal alliance, sensitive souls will have to abstain.
Halsfang (Mourning Forest members) is always possessed with his vocal and musically by the beast… Only a demonic energy !
Pestiferum is like you have never listened since 13 years of existence, more biting than ever. Warning, rats watch out for you !
Available on jewelcase CD with 8 pages booklet. Limited to 500 copies.

Country: France
Label: Hass Weg Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2017

1. Halsfang – Strafing the Ashes
2. Halsfang – Carrion of Human Kindness
3. Halsfang – Lead Us Not into Temptation
4. Halsfang – From the Nun’s Crotch
5. Pestiferum – Syphilis Déjantée
6. Pestiferum – Misère Gangrénée
7. Pestiferum – La Plaie
8. Pestiferum – Der Erlkönig (Franz Schubert)

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