MUSSORGSKI “In Harmony with the Universe”


25 years after the first edition, this iconic album has returned from the darkest depths! Musicians responsible for the unique atmosphere include Khorzon, Messiah and Levy who were also among the ARKONA’s founding members. A genuine journey into the infinite abyss of the Universe! Cold vibes dedicated to cosmic mysticism. Dark transitions with perfect accents of an industrial soundscape… 48 minutes of swirling through electronic sonorities following the vein of MYSTICUM, ABORYM and BEHERIT! Enter the gates while worshipping all dimensions with the essence ascending in Chaos…

Country: Poland
Label: Dark Omens Production
Genre: Industrial Black Metal
Year : 2020

1. Aliens – Contact with High Intelligence
2. Ice in My Heart
3. Epsilon Civilization 2013
4. Spirit of Unknown Being
5. To Wisdom Coming from the Cosmic Space
6. In Harmony with the Universe
7. New York – Miami
8. H.H.G. (The Scientific Research)
9. Lotus Eaters
10. My Own God
11. In Fear of Nonentity
12. Remembrance of Dying Planet
13. Victim (She Lives in a Grave)
14. Near Encounters with 5th Measure
15. Aliens

You may listen HERE