When two of the greatest french bands unite their forces on a split… SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM and ORTHANC as you’ve never listened them before !
Sacrificia Mortuorum with its new line up offers great quality and unmatched structured compositions.
Orthanc is more than ever rebelled with a slightly different style than usual but so imposing.

Country: France
Label: Hass Weg Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Year : 2014

1. Sacrificia Mortuorum – Germe d’un Vortex
2. Sacrificia Mortuorum – Désert d’Ebene
3. Sacrificia Mortuorum – Chaos d’Ecume
4. Sacrificia Mortuorum – Cathari Sects (Infernum cover)
5. Orthanc – Le Bal des Inutiles
6. Orthanc – Prêtresses des Dieux Anciens
7. Orthanc – Les Forges d’Angband – Uruloki
8. Orthanc – Crimes
9. Orthanc – Murders in the Rue Morgue (Iron Maiden cover)

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