PIT OF TOXIC SLIME “Thin Line Between Arrogance & Violence”


Debut release of sick Brutal Death Metal from Italy! Featuring members of Xenomorphic Contamination, Vomit The Soul, Insane Asshole, Wargore, Stench Of Profit & more. They are set to bring a blistering mix of slams, blast beats and groovy guttural brutality! Keep your eyes peeled and watch one of the heaviest acts expand to international acknowledgement with their debut effort „”Thin Line Between Arrogance & Violence “.

Country: Italy
Label: Death Metal Industry
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year : 2015

1. The Age of Toxic Dogma
2. My Life, My Blood, My Hate
3. Slaughtering the Enemy and Killing Them Slowly
4. Cranial Slamming and Fuck it All!
5. Redneck Sadistic Slime… To Be Continued…

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